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Car Body Care

Car Body Care and Repair

Owning a car comes with all the risks of damage and decay that most drivers are probably used to on a day to day basis, and looking after your car and its body work is an important thing to do in order to protect your investment and improve the resale value of your vehicle. From bumps and scrapes on trees, bushes and other road vehicles, to rust and water damage to your car`s bodywork, there are several things you can do to improve the physical integrity and external image of your car, as well as several products available on the market that will help with the all important maintenance of your car.

Body Care Tips

The best way to keep your car in peak physical condition is to regularly hand wash your car and check for any damage that may have occurred during transit or whilst parked up over night. There are many products available, such as car shampoos and waxing and polishing kits, that will protect and improve the paintwork and plastics on the outside of your car during the washing process, and washing by hand will remove the risk of scratching that is very possible when using a powered car wash at a petrol station or similar. To avoid the risks of rust, it is important to repair any stone chips or paint damage as soon after you notice it as possible. There are several major body care touch up kits and paint re-spray retailers out there, so finding the right colour paint for you won`t be hard. Using the supplied brush that comes with some kits, or a toothpick if you`re one for improvising, it is easy to accurately repair small chips and scrapes to paintwork. To remove any spots where your car has exchanged paint with another car or surface, using very fine sandpaper and gentle hands should improve the situation. Keeping your paintwork immaculate and rust free will ensure that if you are planning to sell the car in the future it will be looking on top form and you`ll get the best market value you can.

. Tyre Care Tips
Making sure that your tyres are road worthy is important not only for your own safety but also to avoid prosecution. There are tread measuring kits available, or alternatively you can use the border of a 20 pence piece to see how far above or below 3mm the tread is, and provided it is over 1.6mm across the central ¾ of the tyre you are legally allowed to use it. Many dealers will apply a special black paint to the outside of tyres before selling a car in order to make the tyres look like new, and this is something that you as a consumer can also do. It is also important to check the side wall of your tyres for damage from curbing or other incidents which will weaken the tyre and become dangerous. Proper tyre inflation to ensure that the correct pressures are maintained in every wheel on your car is also something you should check regularly, as this will not only improve the ride and handling of your vehicle, but also improve fuel economy. To ensure that you don`t increase your insurance premium when it comes to renewing your car insurance, as well as to make sure that your car stays in mint condition, it`s essential to be aware of the importance of car body care and repair.
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